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        Bella Beretta_Bella Beretta個人資料_Bella Beretta作品

        時間:2019-10-25 作者:hd126
          Bella Beretta
          Hair colorBlack Hair
          Body artPiercing
          Body typeAthletic
          Ass typeSmall Ass
          Tits typeNatural Tits
          Tits sizeSmall Tits
          Pussy type Trimmed , Outie
          Date of BirthDecember 26, 1996
          Birth LocationBudapest, Hungary
          Ethnicity Caucasian
          Skin complexion Medium Skin
          ZZ RankRookie
          "I've always wanted to be a model," says Bella Beretta. A fresh-faced and wide-eyed cutie from Hungary who dreamt of a life spent posing for the camera, Bella applied to a modeling agency in 2015 at the age of 18 without realizing it was for talent. Thankfully, this horny hopeful's curiosity got the best of her and she decided to sn on anyway! With her perky little tits and slender fure, complete with a rod-stiffening derriere that's only accentuated by her tiny waist, Miss Beretta could undoubtedly do any kind of modeling she wants. But after discovering her love for ing on film, this cock-hungry hottie decided she'd prefer being a star instead! Lucky for us, 'cause it just so happens Bella's got a range of talents that make for some truly ball-busting performances. Not only does she suck dick like a pro, but it turns out that she was also a dance student for years and has all the moves and flexibility to show for it. And best of all, when it comes to sex both on screen and in her personal life, Miss Beretta's outlook is "try anything once". So to see this adorable cumslut making love to the camera as she takes a b fat cock, catch her in action rht here on Brazzers!
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