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        Pamela Dee_Pamela Dee個人資料_Pamela Dee作品

        時間:2019-10-25 作者:hd126
          Dee Lyte, Kauri
          The wet pussy of Pamela Dee isn't just for show. She's a o performer who enjoyed over two decades in the business before retiring in 2012. While she loves the ladies, the bulk of her content seems to be BD related. There's nothing that turns me on more than seeing her bubble butt bent over and turned pink with palm prints. She loves experimenting with her play partners, and getting them as soaking wet as possible. Throw some dildos into the mix and this babe is in heaven.
          Showing off for the cameras is what Pam does best. She's an intense performer who never minds tongue-ing the assholes of other female stars, and eating snatch until her whole face is covered with lady jizz. Debi Diamond gets the chance to taste her sweet box when they star together in a scene together for Hot Tht Asses 3.
          Pamela stars with Alexis Payne and Sabrina Bliss in the hard-hitting fetish film, Spank for the Hospitality. If you're the type of fetishist who enjoys witnessing sexy ladies getting themselves bent over for punishment, you're really going to enjoy her performance in that one.
          Though it's been a few years since any new videos have been released, Pamela has you covered. There are over 100 different titles that will fill your spank bank up to the brim.
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